Even though medication is incredibly important. Which are incredibly helpful. My philosophy is that it’s about finding your balance

One, the role that you play in your treatment and your life in general; Talking about your mental health honestly…

Here’s a little mental health motivation

It’s been awhile since I posted. Because, I’m interviewing for a peer support job and putting the finishing touches on…

3 Essential Things to Keep in Mind About Addiction – SOS Safety Magazine

https://sossafetymagazine.com/drugs-alcohol/3-essential-things-to-keep-in-mind-about-addiction/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=CTW&utm_campaign=Link%20Share&utm_term=essential%20addiction An article I wrote a couple weeks ago about the misconceptions about addiction

25+ Times People Shared The Funny Truths About Mental Health With Memes